We’re Here For You!

The services provided by CENTRY™ League Services will expand on the influence gained by the CENTRY™ Brand to serve the community as a Servants, Soldiers & Heroes in the following ways:

Community Support

As an organization, we impact the community with our overall goal and desire to Serve, Honor & Protect women, children, families and others.

Male Support

As an organization, we serve males by providing the resources and support they need to enhance their lives and have a positive impact on others.

Single Mother Support

As an organization, we serve single mothers and families in ways that specifically support their struggles to raise children, and especially sons, alone.

Our CENTRY™ League Services

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Community Service Missions

CENTRY™ Community Service Missions are strategic outings where we come together with other nonprofit organizations to serve a specific aspect of the community, like homeless families, children’s homes, the elderly, people that are hungry, etc.

Nonprofit Support

We support other nonprofits, as a group of males that Serve, Honor & Protect to provide them with help and support. By doing this we help the mission of other nonprofits, while given CENTRY™ Brothers the opportunity to have a positive impact on others.

School Partnerships

CENTRY™ School Partnerships allow us to connect to schools with potential recruits or brothers so we can service them at their schools and create relationships with school administrators and teachers around the CENTRY™ Brand and mission.

Single Mother Support

We offer Single Mothers access to a group of CENTRY™ males for support around issues that surround raising a son alone by providing constructive feedback and support around issues in line with the CENTRY™ mission.

Children’s Hospital Balloon Giveaways

We visit Children’s Hospitals, Orphanages, Group Homes, Foster Care Organization, etc. to giveaway free balloons, toys and gifts to children that are missing fathers or are in need of positive male support and connections.

School Food Donates Program

During our school food donates program, we join with schools, where we have brothers or mentoring access, to collect unused breakfast and lunch food that we can distribute to homeless shelters and those in need.